• 530105 – SS Bag Stand U Shape TQ-117 (5 in 1) (1)

SS Bag Stand U Shape TQ-117 (5 In 1)

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Introducing our Bag Display Stand, a sleek and durable solution crafted from high-quality stainless steel. Designed in a distinctive U shape, this stand combines functionality with a modern aesthetic to enhance the presentation of your bags in any retail or display setting.

Constructed with precision and attention to detail, the stainless steel material not only provides a contemporary and polished look but also ensures the durability necessary for long-lasting use. The U shape design offers a visually appealing and stable structure, allowing the bags to be showcased prominently without compromising on stability.

Each pack includes five stands, each in a different size, providing versatility to accommodate various bag dimensions. This thoughtful inclusion allows you to create an eye-catching and dynamic display that showcases a range of bag sizes, making it perfect for retail stores, trade shows, or any setting where you want to showcase your collection effectively.

Whether you are a boutique owner, event organizer, or simply looking to elevate the presentation of your bags, our Bag Display Stand in stainless steel with its U shape design and five different sizes in one pack is the ideal solution for a sophisticated and organized display. Elevate your merchandise presentation and captivate your customers with this stylish and functional display solution.

Material: Stainless Steel Shape: U Shape Have 5 different size in 1 Pack